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I Did it! I perfected the art of clarifying pine and spruce pitch!

Beautiful natural amber color from the pine when held up to light!

My last blog post was a tutorial for how to clarify resins, but I used a glass jar to store my pitch in , which is ok..... however it is very difficult to get out of the jar when you actually need it, requiring you to heat it up i order to use it. So I finally went ahead, and made ANOTHER batch of clarified pine and spruce , using the proper materials ( large metal strainer, parchment paper and glass baking dishes) and the results are PHENOMENAL. If you want to read the full tutorial click here

So here is the dish of filtered pine resin, I used a large metal strainer to remove all of the raw natural bits, and what comes through the holes is straight up liquid SAP! With some exceptions, there are some small bits that will make it through the holes, and you can choose to filter that out by filtering a second time using a finer mesh strainer or cheese cloth.

clarified Pine resin

clarified spruce resin

once it hardens completly, you can pick it right up !

So after you pours your resins, leave them to harden, on the counter for 24 hours, or pop into the freezer for 15 minutes. Then you can remove the bricks right off the parchment paper.

** pro tip- use a wooden bbq stick to fish out any escapes needles or tree bits that float to the top of the liquid before it hardens ****

When complete, you can now break them into manageable pieces and store in freezer bag ( must be kept cool or they could melt together). The below photos are my finished product! When I need to add them to products, you just use a pot to melt them slowly back into liquid form and thats it !!

If your looking for a great source for pine and spruce sap, check out my shops ! I have lots in stock, and will be adding in another ad for clarified resins very soon!

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