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Our Story



Meet your Wild Crafters!


Outdoor enthusiasts by nature, our family has always been very close to the great outdoors. We spend the majority of spring and summer months outside, in the wilderness, hiking the trails, and swimming in the creeks and rivers with the children, allowing our children to be the wild adventurous little beings that they were meant to be!

We have been foraging and picking wild herbs for around 10 years, picking for personal use in medicines, teas, balms and even soups and stews. We had always talked about how we would be the perfect couple to run a business, because of how well we work together and all the great ideas that we come up with, but we could never come up with something that really spoke to us, until this year…

Thats when we we realized that our hobby of foraging, picking and being survivalists out in the wilderness, spending time with our children, was our true passion, and that is how we came to be Alberta Wildcraft.

Our mission is to bring our dreams, and our passions and our knowledge of healthy nutritious wild plants and botanicals from our family to yours! Everything that we offer comes straight from nature, or grown at home naturally without the use of chemicals. Everything from cutting, drying to packaging and shipping is done personally by us.  Every sale directly supports our family and small business.

While some of our products are processed to make balms we only use the finest herbs, beeswax and oils. We do not add any chemicals, additives, or coloring. Everything is made from scratch and made with the utmost care and love. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for spending the time to read our website and just cannot wait to start this new journey with you!


From our Family to yours!

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