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Yes, You Can Eat The Pine Cones Too ! ( with recipe)

Did you know that pine cones that come from spruce and pine trees are consumable too ? Well, you can! And they are delicious. Now you can go ahead and harvest some of the fresh young green cones that you can fine at varying times of the yer, depending on the tree, however , lets leave those for the squirrels! They usually harvest and collect them through the later summer weeks, so they can store them through the winter months. What do they know that we don't??

They know that they are tasty, and full of energy thats for sure, which makes them a great food for winter storage. Pine cones are also packed full of essential vitamins and minerals, including a very healthy dose of vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for building up your immune system, especially during those cold winter months when your body lacks vitamin D, and we are exposed to more cold frigid temperatures. This vitamin helps to keeps us healthy. Pine cones are also a great way to help nourish your hair, leaving it strong and full of vitality. You can consume daily, or simply put it in your hair as a hair mask and wash out.

Pine cones have many great amino acids, and help with inflammation. This makes it a great way to cleanse your gums , helps fight tooth decay and strengthen your tooth enamel.

Another great reason to make and use pine cone syrup, is for when you are sick. It has a great impact on overall health, helps to keep your immune system strong, which can help to ward off nasty cold and flus. Pine cone contain what your body needs to help fight of respiratory illness, chronic colds, and even helps to clear out lung infections. WOW, pine cones are just magical. For those who are used to reaching for cough syrup, try a spoonful of this when you are sick instead!

Now lets get into the recipe !

Shes trying out the sugar first ! Kid approved thats for sure!

What you'll need:

-1 large glass jar with a lid

-Spoon and funnel

- about 2 cups of fresh green pine cones or spruce cones

- 1 bag of golden brown sugar, preferably organic,non gmo

- Cheese cloth

Start with an empty jar, and fill the bottom with a layer of golden brown sugar.

Then you can add a nice layer of fresh green cones. Do not over stuff the layers.

(wash your cones first if desired)

After the first layer of cones is in, make another layer of golden sugar.

And then add in another layer of cones. Keep doing this until your jar is full! You can stuff all the way to the top, as it settles, you will have more space at the top.

Now your jar should look something like this ! If you want, take a nice whiff of the open jar. even without the process being done, it smells so divine!

Now that your jar is stuffed with cones and sugar, you will need to choose which method of infusion you would prefer. There are two that I am going to share with you. The first method is very simple. Just close and seal the li, and either bury in the ground or store in a cool dark place for one month. This will allow for a slow infusion of the sugars into the pine cones. The other method will require about 24 hours time. You can place your jar into a pot, fill the pot with water and slow heat over 24 hours on the stove, making sure to replace the water in the pot as it evaporates. Whichever way you choose, you will end up with an aromatic , delicious jar of pine cone syrup.

Your jar will start to melt the sugar, leaving a layer of solid sugar at the bottom, and a thick syrupy brown liquid through the rest. This is what your syrup will consist of.

MMmmmmmm can you smell it yet? The sweet aromatic smell of spruce and sugar is amazing.

For the slow infusion,or the hot infusion, your finished product should look the same. Dark brown syrup !

Now you can start to filter out the cones so you can store your syrup and use it! You can take a cheesecloth like in the photo and just strain out the cones. So simple! Use the lid to hold the cheesecloth in place on the jar, and strain it in.

Now this will blow your mind. This is what your final product should look like.

Dark brown liquid syrup ! You can store this in the fridge, and use in the same way tht you would maple syrup. You can drizzle onto deserts, waffles, pancakes, or even use as an alternative cough medicin Also, you have to try this warmed up and drizzled onto vanilla icecream! Holy mother of spruce, this stuff is crazy good!

There you have it ! Another amazing recipe by yours truly, and I really hope that you can find this post useful. If you have any questions, you know were to find me, on facebook or follow me on Instagram too ! If you have tried this recipe, then tell us how you did in the comments below !

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