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  • Made with wildcrafted and air dried cotton wood buds, infused slowly for two days in extra virgin olive oil, and then blended with organic coconut oil! Cottonwood bud resin is high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, making this soap perfect for dry cracked skin. It lathers up smoothly, giving you a clean and moisturized feeling on your skin. Along with its great benefits for the skin, the hit process soap was made in a way that leaves the full aroma of cotton wood buds. Because of the slow infusion in the olive oil, my soap has a deep rich mahogany color, 100% natural colored from the bud resin. All natural, vegan friendly, and 100% good for you!

    Balm of Gilead Bar Soap



    • Cottonwood bud infused extra virgin cold pressed olive oil, organic coconut oil.

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