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  • Finally !! I am now able to offer CLARIFIED PINE AND SPRUCE RESINS! This is a finished product, made from either raw pine or spruce sap. I normally sell the raw saps as is, however, I do recognize that not everybody has the time , or patience to clarify your saps before adding to your amazing DIY products. So now, I am offering to do that for you !!

    I collect raw pine and spruce, by hand , sustainably here in Alberta. you can check out my raw sap listing by going onto my shop and scrolling through. I also wrote a blog tutorial teaching you how to clarify your own sap if you prefer to do that ! I will include the links in this listing.

    For now, I will be offering 4 and 6 ounce bags of clarified saps, to see how things go. If thee is plenty of interest , I will be adding in larger sized quantities. These clarified saps are just amazing to use, I use them in soaps, salves and balms. If you require a larger batch, DM and we can discuss a special order.

    I carefully hand select and harvest excess sap that is forming on the tree, always leaving enough behind to cover the wound that the tree was trying to mend, thus promoting more sap production.
    -Trees are not damaged to collect sap, some small pieces of wood may be present
    - I carefully sort through, remove wood pieces the best that I can and separate into batches.

    Resin is produced by the tree to heal its own wounds and protect itself from further damage.
    Antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory. The needles are also very high in Vitamin C which is great for using in homemade tea . Tea made from evergreens may help to support the immune system and give your body what it needs to help fight off infections. The resin can be used for a variety of things, homemade salves and balms, lip balms, incense, aromatherapy, candle making and woodworking uses such as waterproofing canoes, houses, using as a torch, water proof your shoes in a survival situation, and so much more!

    **Pro tip : Tree resin will not come off easily with water, so rub your hands with some oil first, then use warm water and a bit of soap to remove resin from sticky hands. **

    Clarified Pine and Spruce Resin

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