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Norway Spruce seeds! These are hand collected from pine cones gathered by yours truly in early fall of 2022. Once the cones naturally opened , I was able to collect the seeds by hand! 


Each order is for 100 seeds.

Height: 115-180 ft (35-55 m)
Leaves:  Dark green, needle-like leaves and tips are flat, sizing 0.47-0.94 in (12-24 mm)
Trunk Diameter: 39-59 in (1-1.5 m)
Bark: Up and down lines throughout the brown bark
Cones:  Either blunt or sharp triangular-shaped scale tips sizing 3.5-6.6 in (88.9-167.6 mm). Initially they are red or green turning to brown post pollination
Seeds: Black in color sizing 0.15-0.19 in (4-5 mm)
Branches: Branches are swooping and branchlets have a drooping shape

Lifespan: about 300 years
Sunlight: Full sun required
Soil: Slightly alkaline, wet at times, well-drained, loam, and clay
Water: during the dry weather it needs water

Please remember that when buying Norway Spruce seeds, they must go through a stratification process! Stratification is a process of pre-treating seeds in order to simulate natural conditions that seeds would experience in the soil over-winter.
Norway spruce have a shallow dormancy and are fairly easy to germinate, follow these simple instructions-

-Soak seeds in water for 24 hours.

-Place seeds in sandwich bag(s) with a bit of damp sand or vermiculite to keep moist.

-Place the bag(s) with seeds in refrigerator for about 30 to 45 days.

-After the required time take the seeds out of the refrigerator and sow the seeds in pots  1/8 inch deep and cover lightly. Water gently so as not  to wash away the seeds. Keep soil moist but not wet.

**If you do not pre treat the seeds, then germination will be very minimal and take a very long time to sprout. Dont skip these very important steps when growing spruce seeds at home. **

Due to the regulations set out by the government, i cannot place any information regarding the medicinal uses of herbs. I encourage you to do your own research to learn more! If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to message me !

We use the best ethical practices, only pick sustainably and responsibly. We never damage any trees to collect resin, for herbs we reseed areas, and only pick 5% of a colony Everything is sun dried in small batches and stored in glass mason jars in a cool dark pantry. Every little ounce of work is done by hand 100%. Nothing is ever treated, sprayed or otherwise altered, this is our guarantee! Every Purchase you make 100% supports this family operated small business. Its just my husband and I, and our wonderful children!

For International buyers, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure what you can or cannot import into your country. If your order is held at customs or confiscated, this will be the responsibility of the buyer and Alberta Wildcraft will not be liable for a replacement. PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR LOCAL LAWS REGARDING WHAT IS ALLOWED.

***PLEASE MAKE SURE TO DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, and always make sure to check with your doctor before choosing herbal teas for remedies, as some herbs may not work for all people and may react to certain medications.  Please do your research regarding pine needles and consume in moderation. While most pines are generally safe, there are some reports of certain pines being toxic in large amounts. The Pine needles that are toxic and should not be consumed  are ponderosa pine needles, yew pine ( not a true pine) and norfolk pine. My teas do NOT contain these pines. As with all herbal products, please use in moderation, and consult your doctor before consumption of ANY herbal product. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not consume pine, there are safe alternatives, like dandelion tea, please read my blog for more information

This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease or illness. It is not intended to represent or replace professional medical advice. Please be aware of any herbal allergies you may have prior to consumption. These products have not been approved by Health Canada***

I truly hope and strive for all buyers to be completely delighted with their orders! Please be informed that due to the nature of the items that i sell, i do not accept returns or exchanges.
However, i am committed to having amazing customer service, so if you have any problems with an order, or questions in general, please contact me.
I am willing to try and work out any issue that may occur, but please know that this is under my discretion.

I am now including TRACKING with ALL orders, and so the shipping prices have increased. This is for BOTH of our protections!

Norway Spruce Seeds | wildcrafted | open pollinated | non gmo | natural | Picea

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