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  • Soothing Foot Balm ! Made from wild harvested cottonwood bud and spruce pitch.

    Walking around barefoot probably one of the most favorite things that i enjoy about summer. I love the feel of grass and dirt beneath my feet. The downside to this, is that your feet will dry up. They becomes dry, cracked and worn. I have created a balm to help with this., and have been testing it on my own dry cracked feet and have been getting amazing results after just 3 days.
    Cottonwood bud resin and spruce pitch is known for its amazing healing properties. Both resins are secreted from the trees and have potent abilities to help sooth dry cracked skin. The olive oil and natural beeswax can help the resins work their way through the cracks of your feet, allowing for absorption into the depths of your skin. With the addition of Eucalyptus oil to promote disinfection of any wounds cuts or cracks on your heels, and a light touch of Lavender essential oil to promote relaxation, ease anxiety and discourages fungal infections from taking hold. For those with the addition of sore feet, Cottonwood bud resin has historically known in biblical times as "natures pain reliever, although due to government regulations, i am unable to cite any medicinal uses of herbs and plants, so i highly recommend you do some research on the amazing benefits of cottonwood buds and spruce pitch. If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask!

    This balm is best used 3 times daily, for best results, use after a warm salt bath soak. ( yes, its ok, go ahead and pamper yourself, you deserve it ! )

    Soothing Foot balm- Balm of Gilead

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